Funnel management

Funnel management

The sales forecast shows how reliable the team is.

  • We build a rigid funnel management system which depicts Current and future sales forecast.

  • Pictorial representation of Sales status /Lead status/Product status.

  • Extraction of lead reports.

  • Executive wise funnel representation.

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Sales funnel permits sales managers to dive into further powerful sales analytics, manufacture additional reliable forecasts and provide sales reps with specific work points. By finding out their sales funnel, managers will pinpoint weaker stages within the sales process, confirm wherever reps are a tussle to convert, and forecast sales and conversions properly. helps to manage your sales pipeline just in a goo. Executive funnel are managed based on their response on the field, No additional time required to update funnel., Manager can overlook every client log (meetings, Telecalling, Appointments)separately to understand unclosed accounts thus giving a new strategy to close it.


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