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The time spent on the field determines the opportunity of the day, which in terms determines your future business. Forms are 100% customizable. This form helps in Reporting the meeting summary to team members and managers in real-time.

Every form contains a follow-up tracker date which makes all your follow-ups to meet up and turn up at right time with prior reminders. All your follow up are stored in your calendar so that you can have track of upcoming meetings in just a single tap.

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Visit Report

  • We believe Effort quantifies a day and that’s how we have designed it.

  • Single form input system ensuring maximum productivity and reducing  report preparation time.

  • Fully customizable visit forms tag every customer visit with Geo-Pinned.

  • Live updation of funnel during visit.

  • All forms can live and can be viewed then and there by any manager.

  • Historical visit form can be extracted based on Executive name,Custimer type,Lead type etc.,

  • Visit forms of last 1 year can be viewed and extracted.

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